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"I came to perfect formation for PT concerning a herniated disc earlier this year. I had previously been treated by another local PT outfit who were able to get me back on my feet from the initial injury, but not capable of taking the healing to the next level. I am delighted to say that I was able to obtain this next level of healing with Perfect Formation. I believe that the therapists here were able to assess the underpinning causes to my persistent back pain, provide a personalized exercise regimen, and most importantly personalized care that was absent from my previous PT experience." Adrian O - Belle Mead

"I have been to several physical therapy locations for various reasons and in all my experiences PERfect FORMation is the best hands down! You not only get great care in your rehabilitation, but you have an environment that fun and friendly. The therapists keep current on all trends and techniques in PT and use a variety of manual techniques including Active Release Therapy.  Patients are scheduled so that each are monitored carefully and are given personal attention even while exercising. The hours of operation are convenient including evening hours for those who are busy during the day. 
The hands on, one on one approach, in a social atmosphere is unlike any other facility I have been to.  The staff’s dedication, relentless commitment to patient improvement and diverse knowledge of their craft directly correlates to the success of treatment.  The personal connection created by the staff is second to none and goes beyond just therapist and patient.  There is also a great camaraderie between the patients that are there for therapy as well.  At Perfect Formation everyone knows everyone’s name and has a good time while being treated. 
I highly recommend PERfect FORMation to anyone who needs physical therapy!"
Kathie - Bridgewater

"I am pleased to recommend Perfect Formation for physical therapy rehabilitation.  They provide professional, competent and compassionate care in a tranquil environment.  After my knee surgery, Dr. Corinne developed an individualized plan of care, grounded in research that enabled me to reach my goals related to range of motion, flexibility, strength and endurance.  Although the sessions were arduous at times, they challenged me to attain maximum physical function and independence, with some levity in the process.  I received excellent care and I have incorporated some of the techniques I learned into my current workout regimen." Michael S - Hillsborough

"I had been suffering with plantar fasciitis in both of my feet for a very long time. It affected my entire life and made it impossible for me to play tennis and do other activities that I enjoyed. My podiatrist made custom inserts for my shoes, instructed me to wear night splints, had given me multiple cortisone injections, and tried a radical procedure called platelet rich plasma injections. Nothing worked. Then I met Corinne Sicola. After a few sessions, I began feeling relief. Within a month she had completely healed one of my feet and the other took just a little longer. Today, I am free from the pain of plantar fasciitis. I owe all of this to Dr. Corinne Sicola, and I could not be more pleased to write this testimonial on her behalf." Jennifer - Hillsborough

"After having my second child, I continued to look pregnant, and knew it was more than the typical "mom pooch."  I knew something wasn't right and suspected diastasis recti.  I went to Dr. Sicola and had my suspicions confirmed. Through a combination of  exercises and manual therapy, Dr. Sicola has reduced the gap in my abdominal muscles significantly and made my core much stronger. Dr. Sicola and her staff at  PERfect FORMation are kind, caring , compassionate, and treat patients like people, not numbers.  I actually enjoy going to therapy!" Erica - Hillsborough

"I started coming to physical therapy with Corinne Sicola, of Perfect Formation Physical Therapy, in 2007 after a lengthy search for a therapist who could think through and come up with solutions for my very unique issues.  I had several very entrapped nerves after multiple herniations in my lower back and was in constant pain.  Surgery was not my plan.  Utilizing hands-on myofascial release techniques combined with pilates exercises, my long standing tightnesses, twists and imbalances began to respond, as the muscles and ligaments began to relax.  Due to the nature of my body's structural issues, we have had a years long relationship, with monthly "tune-ups" to keep me free from pain.  Corinne is unique among therapists because she has a keen ability to read the need of the moment, with not only top-notch work in a traditional PT style with orthopedic benefit, but to help put the whole person back together through deep myofascial manipulation.  I'm so grateful I found her, through pilates, years ago!" Lois - Flemington

"Perfect Formation has helped to keep our family healthy. Corinne's knowledge, expertise, has helped move my daughter in past sports injuries to become healthy.  More importantly it has enabled my daughter to continue to do what she loves."

"Perfect Formation is the perfect choice for us!! My daughter, Mackenzie age 11 1/2 has been a regular patient for over a year. After years of unsuccessful physical therapy for a left ankle with chronic sprains Dr. Corinne was recommended to us. For the first time she was given an extensive evaluation and treatment plan that worked to strengthen all of her muscles not just the ankle in isolation, making getting back to a rigorous soccer schedule possible. Since then she has worked with both Martha and Devin  to rehab a wrist that was in a cast for 4 plus months and a nagging knee injury. Both therapists provide her with a good mix of strengthening exercises as well as recovery treatment in a friendly atmosphere with a personal touch, Which makes spending so much time there more appealing in the eyes of a tweenager :) As an added bonus the office is very accommodating to my always changing busy schedule!" Sherri F - Robbinsville

"The staff and therapists at Perfectformation are professional, compassionate, friendly, punctual, and helpful. When you are there they make you feel like you are part of the family.  They laugh, joke, and help you to the best of their ability.  My therapy sessions, my husband’s sessions and both of my children’s sessions have always helped reduce all of our pain. The therapists went the extra mile to help all of us improve and help us return normal activities. I also appreciated the helpful tips and printed instructions (when necessary) to continue at home.  All of the therapists are watching everyone to make sure the techniques of the exercises are being done correctly to avoid making the issues worse. I won't hesitate to return to their care whenever I need PT. I refer everyone there near and far.  My thanks and appreciation to all of them!" Dawn - Hillsborough

"I wanted to take a moment and thank you for helping our family with our Physical Therapy needs.  Our experiences with you and Perfect Formation have been incredible, so far advanced in technique and much more successful in outcome than any other we've tried over the years!
Our daughter visited you from an Achilles injury from dance and we feared this would sideline her and impact her season, but within a few short weeks of therapy she was fully functional and enjoyed a successful competition season without further discomfort or injury again.  You and your staff made her feel comfortable and she loved coming for treatment!
You treated my lower back (herniated disc) and I've gone from often crippling pain, to a normal functioning life again and playing sports with the kids and golfing again after a gap of three years.  I lost hope that physical therapy could work and thought I would need surgery one day, but your PT techniques and focused treatment has given me a new perspective. Thanks for the awesome work you do and so glad we found you!  I'd highly recommend you and your staff to anyone of any age, your knowledge and practical application to each situation is perfect in my view.  Well done and continued best wishes!"
John Z - Flemington

"My Orthopedist referred me to Dr. Corinne after a substantial foot injury. His description of the office was that "it was filled with the energy, passion and dedication to get me back on my feet." Those words definitely proved to be true. When I arrived I was discouraged because I had lost 90% mobility and strength in the foot. Dr. Corinne and her awesome staff was patient, explained every exercise thoroughly and most importantly treated me like a member of their family. There's no question that Dr. Corinne loves what she does. Now I have regained the mobility in my foot and will often use the helpful tools provided at Perfect Formation whenever I encounter any foot pain."

"I have had a long and varied relationship with Perfect Formation.  My medical condition requires me to spend a long time going for physical therapy.  If I were asked to put my experience at this facility in one sentence, it would be "Why would you go anywhere else?"
If you are tired of going to what I call "machine shops" then this facility is for you.  The personal attention paid to each patient is far beyond the norm.  Your exercise plan is tailored just for your particular needs.  My shoulder was not really responding to the typical exercises and manipulation so the physical therapist used her knowledge of body mechanics to get that shoulder on the mend.  I am glad to say my shoulder is now as good as new.

At the same time, I was recovering from two broken femurs repaired surgically.  My scar tissue was worked on to reduce issues.  The muscles in the upper thighs were massaged so that they would work properly with no pain.  I was also given exercises that worked each and every muscle.  I am glad to say that I am now walking without any assistive device thanks to the hard work of my therapists at Perfect Formation.
Hopefully you will never need any physical therapy but if you need it, do yourself a favor and give Perfect Formation a call.  You won't regret your decision!
" GM - Hillsborough

"PERfect FORMation is a top notch physical therapy office.   Dr. Corinne Sicola has excellent judgment in relating to patients and her hands on approach is by far the best I’ve ever experienced.  Dr. Corinne has a gift in dealing with patients of all ages and physical abilities.  Her office has a relaxed atmosphere and myself and other patients feel very comfortable in this environment.  Her office staff is very pleasant and helpful.
Dr. Corinne has been my family’s physical therapist for several years and, in my opinion, has always provided the absolute best care, and best advice and treatment during every visit and for every issue." Susanne - Hillsborough

"I enjoyed my visits at your  place, over the years,   thorough, friendly and  job well done "

"Corinne and her staff at Perfect Formation are wonderful.  I have brought my daughter twice and have seen great results for her sports related injuries and wear and tear on knee and foot areas.
The office staff is very helpful and accommodating and the location is centrally located in Hillsborough."
Karen P - Hillsborough

"Dr. Corinne Sicola has worked with my daughter for 6 years and has always been there for us.  My daughter Olivia is a USAG competitive gymnast who due to the nature of the sport has had multiple injuries.  Dr. Corinne has always been there to help my daughter not only get healthy again but help her improve her physical and body awareness so that she minimizes injury.  The atmosphere at the office helps Olivia feel relaxed and comfortable when she needs to do activity which is hard as she is  recovering from injury.  I trust Dr. Corinne's judgment in identifying injury and helping prevent further injury.  She goes beyond typical script protocol and looks at the total person and implements therapy accordingly.  I have recommended many people to Dr. Corinne who have also benefited from her Physical Therapy and personal connect ion. Thanks so much Dr. Corinne!" - Cheryl - Montgomery

"It has been a few months since I completed my physical therapy with you and your team and I wanted to let you know that my shoulder is doing great.  I am 100% convinced that I would not have made it without your help. You worked hard to optimize my therapy to get my shoulder to a point where it was functional and then followed through to get me where I needed to be. Physical therapy is hard work but it really helped to have a casual, fun and professional atmosphere to work in. You always placed my health concerns first and adapted the therapy to shorten my recovery. Thank you for your help."
Bruce - North Brunswick

"My name is Joe and I have been a patient of PERfect FORMation almost a year now. I have had cerebral palsy since birth andmy muscles are very tight due to my cerebral palsy. I have been to af few physical therapy places in my time but nothing compares to PERfect FORMation. PERfect FORMation is the best place to go in my opinion. Corinne Sicola runs a very professional establishment while keeping it relaxed and friendly she runs a top notch place. Her employees are the best in the business. And I highly recommend PERfect FORMation for all your physical therapy needs and all around good health. Since comping to PERfect FORMation I am feeling much better. Dont delay call Corinne Sicola and make an appointment today. ." Joe - Hillsborough

"Perfect Formation Physical Therapy is a place where friendliness, enthusiasm and professionalism generate a cohesive and effective working environment, which creates the optimum patient experience.     
      There is no doubt that “quality of service” resides in the people who work at Perfect Formation Physical Therapy. From my first meeting with Dr. Sicola, after she performed a 45 minute evaluation, I knew that I would be in good hands based on her clear, concise and to the point explanation of the various treatment options, and future expectations.
       Regardless of all other factors consistency over time, to me, is the true mark of measuring achievement. Today people are given praise for things they are paid to do, are supposed to do, and many times it is for a mediocre effort or for a one time event, but not at Perfect Formation Physical Therapy. Dr. Sicola and her staff make Perfect Formation Physical Therapy a place where quality is consistent because it was demonstrated at my every visit; and in my conversations with other patients it became clear that “consistent quality” is a common denominator!

      Along the way Dr. Sicola took the time to hear what I had to say and then addressed all my concerns. All the while she kept me apprised of everything regarding my treatment and, at all times, with good humor and a smile. It is my belief that Dr. Sicola’s attention to detail is especially noteworthy; and she is the quintessential example of a competent and caring medical professional!
      It was an absolute pleasure to be treated at Perfect Formation Physical Therapy, and I find in Dr. Sicola an unparallel commitment to excellence
." Anthony - Monroe Township

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